Sing the Scripture

   Written and Sung by Jim Swanson

Jim SwansonHello, my name is Jim Swanson. I highly enjoy creating songs inspired by Scriptures. I feel that the incorporation of music greatly helps young people to engage more fully with the scripture and remember it more completely than they otherwise would be able to. Through a lot of hard work, there are now eight albums of Sing the Scripture available for your enjoyment and edification.

The Purpose

However, these albums weren’t created for the sole purpose of helping people to memorize the scriptures. Rather they were also created to assist people in the process of meditating on the healing message the scripture provides. The scripture is the Word of God and thinking about that and meditating over it helps people to forge a deeper connection with God, allowing us to live more Christ-like lives that will lead us toward salvation.

Where Did It All Start?

I didn’t initially start with the goal of sharing the wonders of the scriptures set to music with the world. I started singing scriptures originally to connect more with my students and add more variation to the school day as a teacher. I taught 3 rd grade through 6 th grade at a Christian school near Chattanooga beginning in 1974. I loved grabbing my guitar and singing with all my students. We loved the break from the rigors of academic work. I hadn’t really thought that my music would extend too far beyond the classroom.

However, I started to notice that some of the younger students were especially struggling with their weekly assignment to memorize a new piece of scripture. Bible verses can be quite tricky, especially for youngsters with a limited vocabulary and understanding of complex concepts. I immediately tried to think of ways to help them with this endeavor and I soon realized that music could be a great conduit for memorization. This turned out to be immensely helpful and productive. The students were remembering the scripture more efficiently than ever. They also seemed to connect more deeply with the messages behind the verses as well.

The Outcome

I began to do this for more verses than just the assigned verse of the week to help my students learn as much as possible. Eventually, my work caught the attention of the pastor and many of my friends. Their support helped my ministry to grow exponentially. I started writing scripture music prolifically and I also began to distribute it much more widely. I began to teach in a variety of settings including vacation Bible school and Christian camps. I also got the opportunity to sing in school chapels and Awana meetings. These experiences prompted me to continue creating Bible songs for use in these types of events as well.

My Hope

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the music I created and that it will help you to form a closer relationship with God. I hope that He will speak to you through the music and that you will be blessed by these verses that have so generously blessed me.